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One shot of espresso prepared with 14 grams of ground coffee in a double portafilter. The shot should be 2 ounce of liquid. You have two choices with espresso: ristretto, a very short or "restrained" shot, brewed at less than 2/3 of a demitasse, or luongo, a long pull of espresso brewed so the liquid should be more than 2/3 of a demitasse.

Double $3.50Single $2
HOT OR ICED:Hot Iced +$0.25
ADD A FLAVOR:Vanilla +$0.50Almond Syrup +$0.50Blackberry +$0.50Blueberry +$0.50Caramel Sauce +$0.50Caramel Syrup +$0.50Cherry +$0.50Cinnamon Syrup +$0.50Coconut Syrup +$0.50Dark Chocolate +$0.50Hazelnut +$0.50Irish Cream +$0.50Kiwi +$0.50Lavender House-Made +$0.50Mango +$0.50Maple Spice +$0.50Orange +$0.50Peach +$0.50Peppermint +$0.50Pumpkin Spice +$0.50Raspberry +$0.50Strawberry +$0.50Toasted Marshmallow +$0.50Watermelon +$0.50White Chocolate +$0.50Sugar-Free Vanilla +$0.50Sugar-Free Hazelnut +$0.50Sugar-Free Caramel +$0.50Rose Cardamom House-Made +$0.50
MILK OPTIONS:Soy Milk +$0.60Oat Milk +$0.60Almond Milk +$0.60BREVE +$0.60HEAVY CREAM +$0.601% MILK 2% MILK Espresso +$1
Customize:Decaf Half-Caff Single Shot Triple Shot +$0.50Extra Double Shot +$1.50+ Whipped Cream +$0.25For Here Mug Kid's Temp Half Sweet Extra Sweet Extra Hot Room CBD 10 mL Scoop +$2.50Chagachino +$2.50
Shot of Alcohol:Jameson +$5Baileys +$5Peppermint Schnapps +$5Pumpkin Spice Baileys +$5Vodka +$5

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