Single-origin coffee is in

Sourcing coffees from one location, whether a country, region farm or lot, is a relatively new, and growing trend. At The Coffee Roasting Co., we’re grateful for this coffee-drinking trend, because we wouldn’t be in business if people didn’t start seeking out single-origin coffees. The single-origin coffee trend is doing more than giving rise to new businesses like ours, though. It’s changing the way roasters throughout the industry roast coffee.


Changing How Coffee’s Roasted

As single-origin coffee has become more popular, it’s changed how roasters approach coffees. Specifically, lighter roasts are becoming more popular, and darker roasts are becoming less common.

This movement isn’t just a rebellion against larger chains that “burn” their coffees, but it’s directly correlated to the shift towards single-origin coffees. The goal in roasting single-origin coffee is to accentuating that origins inherent good traits which requires a more delicate approach. In contrast with darker roast profiles designed to mask the inferiority of a coffee or blend of coffee overpower these qualities with a roast characteristic based solely on the degree of roast, i.e this is a 'BOLD' roast. The result is that single-origin coffee has elevated the craft coffee industry beyond just "morning joe", to share parallels with wine long known to be defined by their Terroir 


Respect for Origin

Blending is an art in and of itself. All beans don't roast to the same level in the same time, so why would other roasters treat their blends as a single roast? Alternatively, we ensure each bean is correctly roasted -- maximizing its potential for flavor prior to blending. This practice my not be seen as practical or cost effective by many commercial roasters, but like artistic masterpieces it is achievable and we believe worthwhile. The combining of various coffees not only brings out the individual character of the different types and origins, but also achieves something special that is greater even than the sum of its beans. Our blends offer unique and rewarding coffee drinking experiences to please the most discriminating tastes.