Robin Campbell, The Bittersweet’s Designing Woman

Robin Campbell enjoys designing one of a kind latte art at the Bittersweet Cafe but she has been known to swing a hammer as wellRobin found her way to Steamboat Springs and into the coffee industry in 2009 after graduating from college with a degree in interior design. When she isn’t designing latte art, she still finds time to work her first art form, including swinging a hammer when necessary.

Robin and her fiancé, Andrew, found their way to Louisville, CO soon after Andrew graduated from culinary school, and so far they haven’t looked back. “It feels like a small town, but it is really close to the big city,” she said.

Now at the Bittersweet for more than six months, she prefers vanilla lattes and the Sonoma Chicken Salad Sandwich. But Robin is still an equal opportunity snow boarder and skier when she heads back into the hills, and her favorite run is still Steamboat’s 007 Trees.

Which is also where one of her favorite skiing stories took place: While most of us have buried our ski tips in tree wells while skiing the glades, Robin managed to bury the back of her skis. “There was a branch down in the snowfall, which I caught with my tips, and then I somersaulted and ended up burying the backs of my skis first.”

Which, actually, is a hard thing to design.