Our Coffee Roasting Model

Going beyond Fair Trade Coffee

At the Bittersweet Cafe and Flatirons Coffee Roasters we believe in going beyond Fair Trade practices to make sure the people who actually grow our green coffee beans also reap some of the monetary reward.

“Because of the increasingly high price of green coffee, we as coffee roasters and sellers really have to look beyond the price that plantation owners are getting, and consider how much of that money goes to those people who actually grow the coffee beans,” said Patrick Walsh, the owner of the retail and wholesale coffee roasting business at 820 Main Street in Louisville, Co. “We have programs that are specifically designed for these workers and their families.”

Flatirons Coffee Roasters often gets their green coffee beans from specific plots of lands at plantations in countries such as Brazil, Tanzania, El Salvador or Honduras. This helps not only to ensure the quality of these coffee beans; it helps the business to reach out to those coffee workers, as well.

“In Brazil, we have a program set up where we pay an additional five cents per pound, which goes to an educational fund for those workers and their families,” Walsh explained.

Ensuring the quality of our green coffee beans

Bittersweet Ensuring the quality of our green coffee beansFlatirons Coffee Roasters was created was to ensure a fresh supply of roasted beans for artisan coffees, such as Walsh’s Bittersweet espresso blend, which calls for fresh-roasted beans from Brazil, Tanzania and El Salvador.

“If we were to lose one of these supplies, or the bean was to decrease in quality, we would have to find a new espresso blend,” Walsh said. “So it’s in our best interest to work to make the lives of those people who supply our coffee beans better.

“We work very hard to make sure all our customers enjoy the exact blend of artisan coffee we painstakingly roast, brewed, tested and roast again,” he said. “While coffee growers in these other countries aren’t on our payroll, they are very much part of that process.”

Flatirons Coffee Roasters, whenever possible, seeks growers and importers who are both environmentally and socially responsible. We buy from business people who share our values for being stewards of the environment by manually weeding, using water conservation measures and organic farming practices whenever possible.

Working to ensure the flavor of every coffee bean we sell

Working to ensure the flavor of every coffee bean we sellAt Flatirons Coffee Roasters we roast each single origin bean separately in small batches, regardless of the final blend. In doing so we ensure that the nuance of every bean is considered. Buy using a unique roast profile for each origin of coffee bean that we source we guarantee that all of its finest qualities are emphasized. This is increasingly important when blending coffee, which is why we only produce post-roast blends. 





Our Specialty Post-Roast Blends

Bittersweet's Specialty Post-Roast Coffee BlendsBlending is an art in and of itself. All beans don't roast to the same level in the same time, so why would other roasters treat their blends as a single roast? Alternatively, we ensure each bean is correctly roasted -- maximizing its potential for flavor prior to blending. This practice my not be seen as practical or cost effective by many commercial roasters, but like artistic masterpieces it is achievable and we believe worthwhile. The combining of various coffees not only brings out the individual character of the different types and origins, but also achieves something special that is greater even than the sum of its beans. Our blends offer unique and rewarding coffee drinking experiences to please the most discriminating tastes.

Flatirons Coffee Roasters provides these fresh-roasted beans for retail or wholesale both at its Louisville, Colorado, location and online. Specific coffee beans are offered both in green and roasted form, and both by specific beans or in blends.