We sure hope you will always feel welcome at Bittersweet - Cafe & Confections,  but we pride ourselves in not getting that comfortable -- at least with our menu.

Here at the Bittersweet we are constantly trying to update and upgrade our menu to provide you with more choice; whether it is vegan, dairy free, soy free or gluten free items you seek. We strive to see that our menu provides ample options.

As always we will use only the finest quality meats as well as local artisan breads and cheeses and produce. The majority of our sauces and spreads are house-made with fresh, local ingredients, and all of our sandwiches and salads are generously portioned. 

We prepare the dishes we do because we love food, not just to make a profit. Sometimes, this means that the savor of our sandwich or the sweetness of our desserts or the size of our sandwiches will vary. Whether that’s because our breads are baked the old-fashioned way or because we found a unique vegetable at the farmer’s market to throw in the salad, we think that subtle variations make our food taste fresher and yummier while surprising and 
delighting you. Supporting local farmers and producers keeps the world of food from becoming bland and boring, pre-portioned or pre-packaged. We hope you’ll agree.

Thanks for supporting an independent, local business --you’re making a sustainability statement and supporting your own community with every meal you eat at Bittersweet - Cafe & Confections.

Have a suggestion? Let us know!


Thank you,

Patrick & Azadeh

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