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Downtown Louisville

Fresh Veg


Avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, spinach, cream cheese, and basil pesto on a house made English muffin

Bread Choice:Plain Bagel Everything Bagel Baguette Sourdough Bread Cuban Bread Honey Wheat Bread Croissant (If available) +$1.50Gluten-Free Bread +$1Tortilla No Bread - Scramble Parmesan Bagel Cinnamon Raisin Bagel
Add Meat:Add Bacon +$3Add Sausage +$3Add Ham +$3Add Turkey +$3Add Chicken +$3Add Brisket +$4Add Pork +$3Add Smoked Salmon +$4
Add Veggie:Add Artichoke +$0.75Add Avocado +$1Add Cucumber +$0.25Add Jalapeno +$0.50Add Onion +$0.25Add Roasted Red Peppers +$0.25Add Spinach +$0.25Add Spring Mix +$0.25Add Sun-Dried Tomato +$0.25Add Tomato +$0.25
Add Cheese:Add Cheddar Add Swiss Add Provolone Add Goat Cheese Add Mozzarella
Customize:Extra Toasted Not Toasted No Dairy/Dairy Allergy Celiac Allergy
Remove Items:No Cheese No Egg
Cream Cheese on Side:Cream Cheese on Side
Add Egg:Add Egg +$2