Bittersweet Latte Art



Unlike most mainstream coffee chains where a latte is nothing more than a caffeinated, overtly sweet beverage, a handful of crafty baristas at Bittersweet are turning shots of specialty espresso and frothed milk into drinkable masterpieces.

Over the years, coffee has undergone an incredible transformation. It's no longer a beverage that's pre-ground and brewed in five-minute intervals. It's prepared in different grinds, temperatures and artistic interpretations. In fact, ordering a latte at a Bittersweet - Cafe often means you'll get your espresso fix served with a topping of artistry.

Working as a barista at a local shop like Bittersweet, is no longer a job you take as a temporary side gig. It's a challenging craft that requires education, practice, patience and a painter's imagination. A simply Google Image search for the words "latte art" and you'll come across some incredible and oftentimes unbelievable espresso drinks.

latte art photography, latte art etching and latte art rosetta, latte art swan, latte art tulip, latte art heart and a host of other shapes and figures are now the goal of every Bittersweet barista when creating your Latte.


But if you really want your mind blown, dedicate a minute to study

Japanese artist Kazuki Yamamoto's latte creations.

3d latte art by kazuki yamamoto















Or better yet the free-pouring skills displayed by:

Barista Dritan Alsela




Patrick Walsh
Patrick Walsh