Our Coffee Beans

We want you to enjoy our coffee when it's at its finest. Just like other fresh produce, coffee begins to deteriorate in quality about 14 days after roasting, even under ideal conditions. To ensure you receive your coffee beans in the best condition, we store and ship our coffee in airtight, recyclable/reusable gas valve bags, which help the coffee retain its freshness and guard from the effects of temperature, light, and air.
Learn more about proper coffee storage.

Our beans are roasted in small batches, ensuring each roast comes out at the peak of perfection and highlights the coffee's unique characteristics. We recommend buying our beans in small quantities (1/2lb or 1lb), so that you buy fresher beans more regularly and enjoy your coffee at its most excellent. All of Bittersweet Cafe's coffee is cooled and bagged in a reusable gas valve bag, which we encourage you to reuse. You receive a discount every time you bring your bag back!


No one can say a single roast is necessarily better than another. Preferences in roast vary widely, influenced by culture (East-Coasters often prefer lighter roasts, West-Coasters darker), brewing style (coffee used in drip brewing is usually best roasted lighter than coffee used in espresso) and drinking style (people who drink coffee with milk often prefer darker roasts to lighter.)

At Bittersweet Cafe all our roasts are sold by the degree of roast, ranging from a Light Cinnamon through to a French Roast. Our expert roasters profile each coffee and roast it to the individual bean's 'sweet spot', as some beans are better roasted darker, while others are just fantastic when roasted light.

Coffee Roasting Profiles for Bittersweet - Cafe

Cinnamon Roast

As the coffee beans begin to heat, they reach the first stage of roasting. The beans are light in colour, which shows up bright in your cup. (Colour: Cinnamon Brown)

Full City Roast

The origin characteristics of a particular country or region are brought to the front of your palate in our full city roast. Beans are at their most flavourful state. (Colour: Chestnut Brown)

Vienna Roast

Rich coffee oils evenly cover the surface of the beans to produce a smoky aroma, which produces a smooth, rich cup. (colour: Dark Chocolate Brown)

French Roast

The boldness of this dark roast is seen in the deep coffee oils that cover the surface. The sweet bold aroma and velvety flavour make this an international favorite. (Colour: Mahogany Brown)

Patrick Walsh
Patrick Walsh